Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Make Your Own Bendi Card With Our Tutorial

Hi All

We made this Bendi Card at our card making class. It's easy to do once you know the measurements so I thought I would share with you today how I made the templates which we gave to our class attendees.
The final piece folds flat into A6 which will fit in a C6 envelope. You can also make 2 Bendi Cards from 1 A4 card.

Cut an A4 card at 10.5cm lengthways.

Score at 1cm and 15.8cm, then cut at 16.8cm.

The panels are made from the left over piece. Score at 1cm. Turn and cut at 6cm lengthways.

Use the scored lines to cut tabs for your panels.

Align Left Panel along the scored line on the Main Card and mark the top corner to determine where the Main Card tab should be. Do the same for the Right Panel. Cut excess off.

Put Left Panel on top of Main Card, align along the bottom at 10cm and mark the tabs.

Cut in between the marked areas as this is where your Left Panel tab will go into.

Put the Right Panel on top of the Left Panel, align along the bottom at 6cm and mark the tabs.

Cut in between the marked areas for the Right Panel tab to go into.

Adhere all pieces together and you have a Bendi Card!

Hope this will help you in creating your own Bendi Cards. Why not share your creations on our facebook page
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Have fun and happy craftin'
Barry and Jay

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