Protecting your personal details on our website with our Privacy Notice statement.
We take your privacy seriously and we want to make sure you know why we ask for your details, what we use them for and how long we keep them and why. The main reason for us keeping your details are:
  1. Helping you with orders or bookings
  2. Tax purposes – we have to be able to provide evidence of sales and where the money comes from
  3. Sending you marketing information about new Stampin’ Up! or Mitosu Crafts products, projects, tutorials and classes. Basically to keep you up to date with what is going on!
So, what data do we hold, why & for how long?


When you place an order for a class we will ask for your name, email, phone number and payment details. These are can be held securely in 2 ways, Square payments which is our card processing payment system or Securely in our office. Square system is housed in the US and is Privacy Shield certified. We hold this data for 6 years to comply with tax auditing purposes. Your card details are stored in an encrypted format, so we cannot see them or access them. We use the details you provide us to confirm your booking, remind you to come to class and send you information about future classes. If your class includes Stampin’ Up! products, we will also add your details to the Stampin’ Up! system for the purposes of ordering your supplies (see below).

Stampin’ Up! Products:

When you place an order for Stampin’ Up! products via our online store Stampin’ Up! will ask for the same details as above, plus a postal address for shipping your products to you. This data is stored by Stampin’ Up! in the US. Stampin’ Up! also pass your name, postal address and phone number onto UPS our shipping courier for the purposes of delivering your order. UPS use the data to print labels and for routing the packages within their system.

Stampin’ Up!’s Privacy Notice

Stamping’ Up! use your data in a variety of ways (tracking what is selling, helping to keep inventory in different markets, etc. You can read Stampin’ Up!’s full privacy notice by clicking HERE).
Stampin’ Up! also make all details (with the exception of payment information) available to us as your Stampin’ Up! demonstrator via our demonstrator website. This enables us to see what you have ordered, help with returns or refunds and to provide follow up support to you. We add your name and email to my mailing system to enable us to send you follow up emails and future product information we believe would be relevant to you. You may unsubscribe from our mailing system at any point. Stampin’ Up! and us keep your order records for 6 years to comply with tax auditing purposes.

Subscribing for News & Info

If you subscribe to any of our forms on this site it passes your details directly into our mailing system (MailChimp). We use the data to provide you with any of the following information:
  • Free downloads / tutorials
  • Marketing information about upcoming special offers from Stampin’ Up! or product reviews
  • General crafting hints, tips, and useful information or inspiration you can use in your own crafting
  • Class information to enable you to book in


You can unsubscribe from my mailing system at any time, every email has an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. If you unsubscribe, you will stop receiving all emails from our mailing system. If you wish to “be forgotten” from all systems then please email us at with a subject of “Right To Be Forgotten”. We will then manually delete you from all systems where we can without impacting our ability to comply with tax auditing purposes.

Joining our Team

When you join Stampin’ Up! under us as your team leaders, Stampin’ Up! passes your information to us on our demonstrator website. Your information also passes to our team leader in the same way. This enables her to reach out to you should we leave Stampin’ Up! (not likely!) but also to help with her tax preparations and ours. Team Leaders earn commission from Stampin’ Up! on the sales their team members place.
This is paid by Stampin’ Up! and does not affect your benefits in any way, but we need to show where this money comes from for tax purposes (there’s the taxman again!).

Prize Draw / Contact Forms

If you meet us at a show, vendor fair or out & about, then it’s likely you may complete one of our printed forms. When you give us your data in written form it is either destroyed within a month of being entered into a system, or kept in a secure, locked filing cabinet and kept for the least amount of time to maintain our tax records. 

Wow, sounds a lot doesn’t it? Plus, serious, which it should because everyone we work with wants to keep your data safe. So that’s our Privacy Notice, we hope it makes sense for you? Let us know if not!