Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tea Light Box

Hi all

At our last class we made a tea light box as a gift for the ladies that came along. We were also asked to post the instructions for making this box. So here it is.

Firstly as much as we would like to take the full credit for this, the dimensions were actually created using the website www.craftyowl.co.uk/boxbuster/

We have also used the Envelope punch board from Stampin' Up! which can be purchased from our online shop or by contacting us direct. 

Ok so now down to the fun stuff:

You will need to trim a piece of paper down to a 10.5cm square

now with this square paper & using your punch board, punch at 1" 1/2 and score & 2" 5/8 and score


rotate the paper round and line up the score lines you have just made with the score mark and punch and score again.

Do this on both score lines before rotating again. You need to repeat this on all four sides.

Once you have done all 4 sides, round the corners off using the other part of the punch board and cut in the tabs so the box will fold together.

You should now have a piece of paper which looks like this.

Fold and burnish all score lines and the using glue, stick together 3 side leaving one side open to act as the flap so you can put you tea light in. 

decorate to you liking and hey presto you have an amazing box.


We hope this makes sense but please contact us if you have any questions

All products are available to purchase from us direct or via our online shop. So if you don't have them already why not treat yourself to a fun Christmas present that will just keep giving.

Also the last date for ordering is Sunday 13th December for delivery before christmas.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Crafting and have a Merry Christmas

Barry & Jay 

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